What we do for you

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Sales strategy &
market entry

  • We develop and refine your sales strategy
  • We strengthen your unique position by clear positioning
  • We assess your product market fit for Germany                                 
  • We develop and optimise your market entry strategy                       

Partner programmes & partner development

  • We develop partner programmes for lasting collaborations
  • We define partner marketing and sales activities
  • We identify and attract ideal B2B-partners                                             
  • We generate new customers through target audience owners for you
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Strategic alliances & business development

  • We open doors for you leading to your most important potential partners
  • We create strategic partnerships with high potential
  • We ensure lasting successful sales
  • We develop new business perspectives and define business areas

We think and tackle.

Who we are

ARTAVO is a sales strategy consultancy from Hamburg, founded in 2011. We advise companies whose customers are online traders, specialising in market entries via B2B partnerships with technology, marketing and sales partners. In the past 8 years, we have supervised more than 30 market entry and expansion projects.

We prepare you to have a successful market entry in Germany, advising you on the roll out of new products and acting as your immediately usable external business development unit on request. Furthermore, we supervise you in setting up and optimising your sales, your business model and new business areas.

Due to global networking and ever-progressing specialisation in terms of function as well as geography, extremely heterogenic markets with highly diverse players are emerging also in e-commerce and trade. Therefore, it is becoming more and more complex for software, service and payment providers to find and select the partners that are important for their solutions. In order to stay on top of things here, you need local consultants who know the scene and its circumstances and who already make sure in the early phase of market entry that the most relevant partners in the sense of “minimal viable partnerships” are on board from the beginning.

Arne Vogt, Hamburg, Germany
Founder & owner, ARTAVO


We get you ready for new markets.