We have the experience, the knowledge and a working method that is consistently focused on results in order to help shape your success.
Arne Vogt
Owner ARTAVO, Hamburg, Germany

How we work

We make you fit for new markets. That is our goal and our claim.

From our office on the Alster in Hamburg, we advise our clients for a defined period of time on the basis of fees agreed in advance.

As strategy and implementation consultants, we attach great importance to the best possible preparation of our clients for market entry and the generation of new clients. We are convinced that a successful B2B lead generation in new markets can only be achieved when a communicable unique position of the offered products and services in defined target groups is given.

Especially in the software environment one is often dependent on partners with complementary products. Be it to keep your own product attractive, up-to-date and competitive. Or because one is dependent on integrating oneself into other systems and platforms in order to become available for the desired customer group at all. With such partners you can bundle your strengths in order to win customers better by working together than by going it alone.

We will compete to find exactly these partners together with you and to win them for a cooperation.

Our owner Arne Vogt is an expert in planning and implementing market entry strategies, strategic cooperations and indirect sales structures. After studying economics, he worked for companies such as Canon, ePages and Klarna in various sales positions.

In 2011, he founded ARTAVO with the firm conviction that due to the high complexity, the many uncertainties and the frequent failures in the selection and establishment of partnerships, many companies will also rely on specialized consultants to benefit from their expertise in establishing relevant cooperations. This is especially true for technology-based cooperations, which differ from pure sales or marketing partnerships in the integration component alone.

For 8 years, we have been planning and implementing technology partnerships and strategic cooperations for our customers, mostly between our customers and providers of complementary software or corresponding services, which, together with our customers’ solutions, create added value for small, medium-sized and large (online) dealers in Germany and Europe.

We listen

We are open dialog partners who listen before they talk.

We think further

We have a serious interest in understanding each task in detail.

We are straight ahead

We mean what we say and write.                                                          

We are tangible

With us, you always know exactly where we stand right now.

We stand behind it

We either make projects as good as possible or not at all.

We'll stay on it

We continue to educate ourselves and monitor the market in order to be able to adequately address current problems. 

Our Customers

Our customers include innovative start-ups, medium-sized software and service companies from the e-commerce sector and corporations that offer online and stationary retailers solutions for the optimum operation of their business. These include shop system, ERP and multichannel middleware providers, payment providers and virtual marketplace operators, logistics providers, online marketing software providers, insurance companies, legal consultants and accounting software providers. We advise some of them over many years.

One of ARTAVO’s hobbyhorses is advising solution providers who need to integrate their solutions into other solutions in the form of an app, an add-on, a plug-in or a module in order to be used by online merchants and buyers. 

Wir machen Sie fit für neue Märkte.