We create marketing potential for your e-commerce solutions and open the doors to your strategic partners.
Arne Vogt
Arne Vogt
Owner ARTAVO, Hamburg

The way we work

We get you ready for new markets. That is our goal and our aspiration. For a defined period of time, on the basis of previously agreed projects with a defined scope and budget.

As a strategy and implementation consultancy, we prepare you in the best possible way for your market entry and the generation of the first new customers. For that, we develop together with you a communicable unique position of the products and services you offer for certain target audiences.

We are here for you if you want to make your products attractive, up-to-date and competitive for the German market. Or if you want to integrate your products with other systems in order to become available to new customers. It is our task to find exactly those partners who enable that and to engage them for collaboration.

Our owner, Arne Vogt, has years of experience in sales and in planning and implementing market entry strategies, strategic alliances and indirect distribution structures. After studying economic sciences, he worked for companies such as Canon, ePages and Klarna in various sales positions.

In 2011, he founded ARTAVO in order to make it easier for companies to choose and establish relevant partnerships based on technical interfaces and this way attract new customers.

For 10 years, we have taken care of planning and implementing collaborations for our customers and have already driven forth hundreds of successful partnerships, creating better solutions for small, medium-sized and large (online) traders in Germany and Europe.

We listen
We follow
We keep going
We are straightforward
We are tangible
We are committed

Our customers

Our customers include innovative start-ups, medium-sized companies and multicorporate enterprises such as payment and logistics providers, providers of multichannel e-commerce systems, shop system, ERP and accounting software, marketplace providers, insurance companies and law offices.

One of ARTAVO´s hobby horses is advising solution providers who want to integrate their solutions into other solutions in the form of an app, an add-on, a plug-in or a module in order to make it possible for online merchants and buyers to use them as easy as possible.

We get you ready for new markets.