Auwald Elbe

ARTAVO supports the Loki Schmidt Foundation (“Loki Schmidt Stiftung”)

This year as well, we want to do good and financially support an institution that lies close to our heart. This time, we have decided in favour of the Loki Schmidt Foundation´s “Elbe wetlands project” (“Elbauen-Projekt”). Loki Schmidt, who had always been very involved in environmentalism, established the foundation in 1979 and with her team attended to a variety of conservation projects ever since. Alongside projects such as “Flower of the year” and “Experience nature in Hamburg”, the Loki Schmidt Foundation initiated the “Elbe wetlands project” in 2017. It is, among other things, about creating new habitats for nature and a multitude of species.

“Wetlands close to nature are the habitats richest in species in Central Europe. They are also called “Europe´s rainforests”. Now, even at the Elbe only small remnant populations are left.”

In September, Arne Vogt visited together with his family and the Loki Schmidt Foundation the foundation´s “jungle” at lake Brahmsee in Schleswig-Holstein, a former field left to itself since 1976. He was delighted with the untouched nature and impressed by the fact that it is possible in Germany to recreate a completely natural habitat from a former field by just leaving nature to itself.

Ever since, it has been clear to him that he will financially support the Loki Schmidt Foundation and their current Elbe wetlands project, creating new Elbe valley riverside forests. Within the scope of a 6-year project period, donations shall buy about 15 hectare of acreage of the biosphere reserve Elbe valley wetland of Lower Saxony and entrench a hardwood riverside forest. Even one donated Euro supports the purchase of more than one square metre of “European rainforest” and helps to realise the project successfully.

Find out more about the Elbe wetlands project here:

Arne Vogt