Business development

By means of continuous adjustments, successful business models can be monetarised better and better. We analyze your business model or your business area in terms of marketability, market relevance and competitiveness and discover optimization potentials, e.g. in pricing, corresponding product configurations and other monetarisation options.

  • Continuous competition monitoring and recommendations for appropriate adjustments in your business model for the best possible distinction
  • Examination of your proposition from your customers’ and partners’ points of view and assistance in optimising your inbound and outbound potential from this perspective
  • Formulation of price points for existing or new products, solutions, product configurations
  • Development of standard pricings and pricing plans with a high success and upgrade potential to higher plans, tailor-made for your customers
  • Elaboration of models for the monetarisation of one’s own customer base as a marketing and lead generation channel for complementary solution providers

In order to be able to react adequately to the constantly changing circumstances in fast-moving e-commerce, a continuous examination and optimisation of one´s own proposition is necessary. We are constantly in touch with new trends and assist you in using them for your company.

  • Initiator for thinking outside the box and idea provider for new business perspectives and business areas
  • Sparring partner in the development of growth strategy in new markets and industries
  • Individual advice on the extension of your products within the framework of workshops and brainstorming sessions
  • Evaluation of strategic alliances with partners from other industries who can enrich your product portfolio and make it even more competitive
  • Orientation of your sales department on the job and in training courses towards the successful marketing of your new or adjusted business models

We get your ready for new markets.