Partner development

We are your external partner management and ensure continously successful partnerships with the best possible partners.

  • Professional partner development unit from day 1, completely without the time-consuming and cost-intensive set-up of internal partner development resources
  • Avoidance of recruitment of staff from other sectors that first need time to build up knowhow
  • Quick successes on the basis of years of experience with more than 30 partner development projects in the e-commerce sector
  • Excellent network and reliable personal relations in the e-commerce ecosystem and with your desired partners
  • Trusted advisor for many of your potential partners, who enables the beginning of a conversation on eye level from the start

Prior to successful partner recruitment, we identify, select and prioritise ideal business partners for our clients as part of partner profiling.

  • Definition of (minimum) requirements possible partners should meet
  • Drafting of criteria (KPIs) by which a prioritisation of possible partners can be effected as part of an ABC analysis
  • Assessment of your desired partners on the basis of the determined requirements and criteria and the possible sales and marketing potential
  • Evaluation of existing partnerships and recommendations on the further course of action regarding these companies

After the partner profiling, we operatively take over the approach, the individual alliance negotiations and the contract closing with technology, marketing and sales partners from the e-commerce and retail environment for you.

  • Scaling of your business model through relevant multiplicators
  • Expansion of your partner ecosystem by attractive partnerships which increase your competitiveness
  • Enhancement of your visibility and your brand awareness directly in your target audiences
  • Acquisition of new customers through target audience owners 
  • Combination of technical availability and lead generation through technology partners for whom integrations are planned or exist

Furthermore, we take over the partner development of your new partners.

  • Assistance in the onboarding of the new partners and support of technical integrations as well as in first joint marketing and sales activities
  • Drafting of power argumentations for the benefit of your products and of objection handlings for anticipated and already collected show-stoppers
  • Drafting of training material, training plans and sales and marketing material for partners

Beyond that, we pass on our knowhow to your partner management and involve them in our activities.

  • Individual on-the-job coaching of your partner management staff by intensive collaboration in recruitment, onboarding, development and enablement of new partners
  • Monitoring your partner management during the process of sales training courses and feedback talks on the premises of new partners

We get your ready for new markets.