Sales strategy

We develop sales strategies that enable you to successfully market your products and services with German online and omnichannel retailers, focussing on the definition of relevant target audiences, a competitive unique position and correlating positioning.

Our services are addressed to software providers and service providers offering products and solutions in software systems and platforms via an integration, a plug-in or and add-on.

  • Know-how transfer and development of first scenarios for a partner business proposition in workshops
  • Development of an indirect sales strategy for potential strategic, technology, marketing and sales partners
  • Development of partner programs in order to achieve high availability on many relevant platforms with the same target audience in a minimum of time
  • Comprehensive lead generation via these partners for products from an MVP to a sophisticated product suite
  • Particularly interesting for highly scalable business models with the target audience of SME retailers

Our services are addressed to software and platform providers in e-commerce whose products profit from an ecosystem of relevant technology partners and selected strategic partners.

  • Development of a partner program for technology, marketing and sales partners
  • Boost of attractiveness and competitiveness of one’s own products compared to the competition
  • Monetarisation of partners who would like to profit from a partnership and the access to one’s own existing customers

We optimise your sales and prepare the successful implementation of the new sales strategy through workshops and training courses with your sales staff.

  • Workshops on the subject of the definition of relevant target audiences and customer groups, the development of a unique position and positioning, elevator and sales pitch
  • Working out the most important powers compared to the competition and their utilisation in a power argumentation for the elevator and sales pitch
  • Development of power argumentations to handle objections by potential customers and partners
  • Development of sales presentations for different target audiences

We get you ready for new markets.